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Datasheets from TRAPMINE

Uncover Unknown Threats With AI and Machine Learning

Traditional signature-based solutions are insufficient to prevent cyber threats targeting endpoint systems. Learn how TRAPMINE protects your organizations against zero-day attacks with its Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis engine.

Every Company Regardless Of Size Needs Protection Against Advanced Threats

Cyber criminals target companies of all sizes from every industry, seeking anything that might be of value. Antivirus and other traditional security solutions are no longer efficient to protect organizations from attacks by today’s modern cyber threat actors.

Next-Generation Threat Prevention

TRAPMINE is combination of malware detection and exploit prevention against both known and unknown threats. TRAPMINE provides complementary protection against attack that traditional security solutions can’t stop!

Phases Of The Intrusion Kill-Chain

According to the figures, %55 of spear-phishing campaigns targeting employees and %61,2 of exploits that drop malware onto a targeted computer.