Why Traditional Security Solutions Fail?


Why Your Anti-Virus Fail to
Catch Malware & Exploit?

In Today's World, a lot of incident and security breach shows that anti-viruses are insufficient to detect cyber attacks. Let's take a look at why anti-viruses fail to stop cyber attacks.

  • AV's needs initial knowledge and analysis.

  • AV's needs scanning to detect threats.

  • Malwares can disable anti-viruses and other security products.

  • Malwares can easily evade and bypass the antivirus.

  • So, Anti-Virus is dead. - Brian Dye, Senior Vice President at Symantec.


Why Your Sandbox Fails to
Catch Exploit?

The one of the security solutions that can not prevent exploits is sandbox appliances. Let's take a look at why Sandbox fail to stop advanced cyber attacks.

  • Exploits are version-specific malicious files developed by hackers.

  • Exploits can be target specific version or version-range of an application.

  • Exploits are enviorement-specific malicious files.

  • Sandboxes can't simulate all environments.

  • Sandboxes can't analyze all malicious content.

  • Sandboxes can't simulate all versions of an application. (i.e Adobe Reader)

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