Next-Generation Threat Prevention

Next-Generation Threat Prevention

Antivirus and other traditional security solutions are no longer efficient to protect organizations from attacks by today’s modern cyber threat actors. Traditional antivirus (AV) is an attack vector than a security solution for attackers.

TRAPMINE is combination of malware detection and exploit prevention against both known and unknown threats. TRAPMINE provides complementary protection against attack that traditional security solutions can't stop!

You can protect unlimited number of processes!

All these apps are potential exploitation and attack path for hackers.

According to the figures, %80 of IT incidents caused by software exploits. We are seeing that software exploits used for APT attacks, sophisticated government espionage & cyber crime campaings. Most of the endpoint security solutions are based on signature detection technology which limits their protection capabilities to these zero-day attacks.

Protect your company from unexpected threats

Uncover zero-day attacks and APT operations on your enterprise.

With TRAPMINE, we simply block attack techniques instead of identifying exploits. TRAPMINE doesn’t try to identify and detect exploit, our solution focuses on attack vectors and block exploitation of the application vulnerabilities. Taking this approach means all types of cyber attacks can be prevented, whether they are known or unknown threats.

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