TRAPMINE | Prevent Threats. Detect Unknown. Respond to Attacks.

Next-Gen Endpoint Security

All-in-One Agent

Endpoint Detection, Prevention and Response

TRAPMINE Platform combines proven technologies such as machine learning, behavior monitoring and exploit prevention techniques in a single agent to provide fool-proof defense against exploit attempts, file-less malware, ransomware and other forms of targeted attacks.


Traditional security solutions are no longer efficient to protect organizations from attacks by today’s modern cyber threat actors. TRAPMINE uses innovative technologies to prevent the attacks of today and future.
Behavior engine to stop malware, lateral movement and file-less attacks.
Exploit prevention engine to block user-mode and kernel-mode exploit attacks.
ThreatScore machine learning engine to detect known and never-seen-before malware.
ZeroGap Cloud Intelligence to detect known malware.

Detect and Respond

Powerful live response and forensics features to analyze your endpoints , collect artifacts and hunt hidden threats.

Simplified Threat Hunting

Real-Time Threat Hunting, Live Query, Incident Response

Ask simple questions to investigate your endpoints

Security and IT Operation Teams often look for a solution to perform remote investigation, remediation and threat hunting. This is why TRAPMINE Hunter is a tool of choice for Security and IT Operations Teams, Incident Response Specialists and Threat Hunters.
Select and ask simple questions to your endpoint
Collect the forensic artifacts for investigation
Discover hidden threats with the help of ThreatScore Machine Learning Engine
Get visibility across your organization
Take remote actions and reduce the risk


Evaluation & Analysis

Discover Persistence Objects

Respond & Remediation

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